The reason bills fail is because the Washington DC lobbying sector is ill-situated to work with the various diverse coalitions.

Like the media they are stuck misunderstanding Congress. That is what makes United By Interest so essential and so unique: Our firm is the only one in Washington that reflects the actual politics of diversity in America.


UBI Poorest Districts: The Pillar of Stability

“The members who occupy those seats tend to stick around longer than their colleagues. The average tenure of House members in those seats is 11 years, 22% higher than the Congressional average. Additionally, these members are the gatekeepers for legislation, with 49 percent of them serving in leadership positions on committees and subcommittees.”

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Shared Needs in the top 100 Poorest Districts

“Ultimately, conservative Republicans and members of the CBC and CHC in these districts all share a common responsibility to deliver a much-needed boost for their constituents. The economic unease in these districts gives the members of Congress who represent them an incentive to work together to provide economic opportunities for the poorest Americans.”

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Diversity in Congress, the Media and Lobbying

“If House Members reflect the country’s growing diversity and political identification, the reporters and lobbyists covering those Members are stuck in an earlier era. In other words, the two institutions tasked with explaining Congress to the outside world look nothing like the members they cover. This disconnect matters in winning policy votes.”

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Top 100 poorest districts make up powerful bipartisan voting bloc.