Republicans and Democrats in the 100 poorest districts represent a clear path to success

“Even rarer is a bill that attracts the co-sponsorship of lawmakers in the House Freedom Caucus, the Black Congressional Caucus, and the Progressive Caucus just a few months before an election. But the GAIIN Act is that kind of bill.”

— Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), Republican Study Committee & Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO), Congressional Black Caucus; Real Clear Politics



Featured Project

The GAIIN Act (HR 6104)

The GAIIN Act is bipartisan legislation, introduced by Conservative and Congressional Black Caucus members, that would authorize the Department of Agriculture to sell off distressed assets, using half the proceeds to fund infrastructure investments in distressed urban and rural communities living below the poverty line and half to help pay down the national debt.

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“The GAIIN Act is an example of an alternative solution that deserves consideration to achieve our shared goal for a better American infrastructure in our communities most in need.”

— House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)


Unique Bipartisan Coalition: Co-Sponsors to the GAIIN Act, H.R. 6104

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The Issue

Uniting both political bases: building a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Washington is talking about infrastructure. But major roadblocks remain. Raising taxes on the poorest Americans is a non-starter with the base Membership of both parties (Freedom Caucus/RSC/CBC/CHC Members). Both parties are wary of skyrocketing national debt. Our team worked with a diverse array of lawmakers to identify an innovative funding solution and build a diverse coalition of support rooted in common needs.