UBI is uniquely aligned for the prevailing political dynamic in Washington. The diverse make up of our team gives us key relationships with members of the Biden administration and the capability to effectively lobby every member of the House and Senate on both sides of the aisle including the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the House Freedom Caucus and the Republican Study Committee.

Content Creation & Traditional Media Relations

UBI develops messaging and executes media strategies to bring any issue to the immediate forefront. We engage reporters, bloggers and other opinion-makers, leveraging our relationships with mainstream media outlets. We generate various kinds of written content from op-eds, letters to the editor, statements, talking points, and other internal and external documents.

Ideological Media Campaign

UBI effectively brings together coalitions of polar opposites that requires the ability to manage messaging from both ends of the partisan spectrum. UBI is uniquely positioned to drive messages in both conservative and liberal publications that reach millions and can persuade entire voting blocs that mainstream outlets can’t reach.

Third-Party Groups & Key Ally Development

Enlisting the support of key national and state third-parties can provide political “cover” and ultimately have a significant impact on elected officials. The make up of our team enables us to create unique and very powerful coalitions of nontraditional allies to impact a diverse array of decision makers.

Grassroots & Grasstops

The voices that resonate loudest with decision makers are those at home in the district. Our team has an unparalleled reach into both conservative and liberal constituencies in every district across the nation. We have the unique ability to mobilize voters from every walk of life and political perspective to deliver unified messages to decision makers.

Polling Research & Message Testing

Understanding what messages resonate with target audiences is fundamental to successfully positioning any issue in Washington DC. UBI conducts qualitative and quantitative research to devise road maps on how to broadly communicate value propositions and defend against future attacks. Through research findings, UBI develops messages aimed at segments of target audiences including Republicans, Democrats, Biden-Trump voters, independents, and other opinion leaders

Targeted Digital

UBI executes highly targeted digital campaigns to raise the profile and sense of urgency around any issue to deliver content directly to influential audiences on Twitter, Facebook, and key news sites.

Diversity Evaluation

Our diverse team can evaluate your existing outreach efforts to minority communities and groups and help you build dynamic and enduring relationships across the political spectrum.